Transitional Style Staples

Summertime is such a tricky season for me outfit-wise. All I ever want to do is wear a light sundress because it is always so hot and sticky outside, but even that doesn't always help.

What I do love though is transitional dressing. That brief period between spring and summer where it's the perfect temperature.

Warm enough to go out in a tank or dress, but cool enough that you can get away with jeans without feeling like you're going to overheat.

I celebrated this time of year by putting together three outfits in collaboration with tobi.com that all reflect different parts of my style (vintage/70s, girly, and boho) to take advantage of the season the best way I know how.

Top: Tobi, Jeans: Target, Mules: Old Navy, Glasses: Urban Outfitters

I love this top so much, and it'll even be amazing for when it gets extra sweaty out (convenient airflow), but for now, I'm gonna pair it with some high-waisted jeans and feel the 70s vibe. 

These jeans are like a holy grail for me to be honest. At 5'11" finding flare jeans that are long enough has been a challenge, so being able to wear them (with heels!) is practically miraculous. 

Dress: Tobi, Shoes: Zara (similar

Despite what it may look like in this picture, I am not at all tan. However, this dress does add a little sunshine to my life. For someone who can't get enough neutrals in her wardrobe (and has a hard time distinguishing one piece from the other because of that), I decided this dress would be a fun addition for the springtime. 

These shoes are just an all-time staple for me. I literally wear them at least three times a week because they're super comfy and look put together.

Dress: Tobi, Jeans: Old Navy (similar), Bra: Monoprix (similar

Sunglasses: Primark 

Typical tall girl problems... got this dress which in reality is a tunic on me because otherwise, my butt would most definitely be out. But I love the open back. It could even work for a bathing suit cover-up!

The jeans are sold out but apparently, they offer similar ones now which are stain resistant?! Need to get in on that because I am constantly spilling coffee, especially when wearing white...

This bra is technically ~French Lingerie~ but also I got it at a supermarket so I don't think that counts...

Either way, I'm happy with these outfits and hoping this in-between weather lasts a little longer! What do you wear for this kind of weather? And more importantly, if you have tips for what to wear when it gets really hot I'm all ears.

Photography by Amy Shelton.


Unique Watch + Incredible Style (Giveaway!)

I'm extremely picky about jewelry in general. I wear one necklace every day and that's about it.

But one piece that I've come to really appreciate during my time living in Paris has been a beautiful watch.

I've always appreciated the aesthetic appearance of a classic watch, but never understood the French obsession (after all isn't that what smart phones are for nowadays?)

But when Jord Watches asked to team up, I couldn't help but fall in love with the classic shape and unique design.

You see, all of their watches are made from unique wood!

I picked the Frankie in Zebrawood and Champagne which is a gorgeous combination, perfectly marrying the striped wood grain with the champagne color of the face.

I have never received so many compliments on one accessory in my life. It's particular beauty can't help but draw attention.

If you've fallen in love with this watch as much as I have... good news! Thanks to our partnership, I'm giving away $100 towards a watch of your own, but even if you don't win you automatically get $25 off.

Click here to enter the giveaway before March 27!

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