3 Fun Dream Date Ideas

Being in a long-distance relationship, we don't get too many date nights unless we happen to be in the same city. For me (as a super planner) this leaves plenty of time to fantasize about dream dates and all the fun things we can do together when we're finally reunited.

We are relatively chill couple, meaning we spend a lot of time watching movies on the couch or just hanging out together since we have to make the most of every minute, but I would love to start changing it up.

Here are some of my ideas:

1) Take a cooking class

We always have a lot of fun in the kitchen, but everything we make tends to be fairly simplistic in nature. Don't get me wrong, I love baking cookies together-- My bf's favorite since they don't really do chocolate chip cookies in France (!?)-- but I really want to learn some more intricate dishes. I try my best from Pinterest recipes, but quite frankly even those are pretty basic. I need to learn from an actual chef, so that I can seriously up my food game.

The start of a strudel we made for Valentine's Day

2) Dress up for dinner

Again, going back to the laid-back couple thing, we don't tend to get fancy very often. If we do it's for a major event like New Year's Eve. As someone who is slightly obsessed with clothes and getting made up, I think it would be so fun to dress to the nines-- hair, makeup, clothes, the works-- even if that just means eating at home. As much as going to a fancy place can be cool, most of the time it's the getting ready part that is the most enjoyable part for me.

3) Day-trip adventures

If you read my blog, you know how much I adore traveling. The wanderlust never dies. Unfortunately, I don't have a billion dollars to spend on flight travel all the time (a girl can dream) so I've been really trying to explore my own area recently. Thankfully, in Chicago I have my own car (unlike NYC or Paris which was a mega challenge at times) but not gonna lie, sometimes it's a hunk of junk. I recently drove to Ohio in it, and it was... well... interesting. That's where amazing companies like Turo come in: they let you rent a car from other people in your area. And not just any cars, amazing cars. Their rental page has all the info you could need. If we are continuing on my fantasy date theme, I would totally rent this Audi convertible to zip around in. We could head up to Wisconsin or down to Nashville stopping at all the little towns in between.. *sigh* a girl can dream right?

First I need to work on getting the boyfriend out here, and then we'll work on the convertible...

Hope you enjoyed my date night picks! Let me know some of your own ideas for a dream date in the comments :)

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