The Chipped Cup

I spent my day off work with a good friend in this little place in Harlem. As an uptown girl (and I mean 242nd St. Uptown for those New Yorkers who know what I'm talking about) I always scoff at those who say they would never travel above 96th. Well I'm here to tell you that we got a bad rap. 

Shirt: Forever21, Necklace: Mango

 This coffee shop, The Chipped Cup, is a little slice of heaven. The charming decor inside is only trumped by the garden patio exterior. And can I just say that this croissant was to DIE FOR. 

I would sit hear and work or read for hours in a heartbeat. I also can't complain about the convenient color coordination that went on.

Shorts: Thrifted, Bag: Coach, Sunglasses: Triple Graces

We explored Harlem a little further, catching our train at 157th where we spotted several restaurants and cafes that I will definitely try and get to in the future.

Boots: BC Footwear

 In short, if you visit New York or, even more so, if you live in New York... Don't let your biases dissuade you from exploring this beautiful city. There are so many more gems like this where you might not expect it. 

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