Baby, You're So Classic

 Living in Europe changed my style more than I ever thought possible. I still love a good trend, but I gear way more towards classic pieces and minimalism. I love this simple shift dress, the classic trench, and the staple boot. Seeing all the women running around in their perfect trench coats was inspiring. It's the easiest piece to throw on and instantly look like you have your life together.

This is something I'm trying to add into my daily life in addition to my clothing. Minimizing the excess to focus on what's actually important. I've made mini-goals to procrastinate less and to focus on doing things right away instead of waiting until I "feel like it" because (spoiler) if I'm putting it off I probably will never "feel like it". Some things you just have to do. My room is consistently cleaner than my mother ever would have thought possible and my work is being done before midnight the night before. I would say it's a pretty good start, but I still have a ways to go before my life is as pulled together as this trench coat.

Dress and Trench: Thrifted, Sunglasses: Asos

Boots; ShoeMint

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