New York Fashion Week 2015

I was lucky enough to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week again this season. I went to two different shows: the AMCONYC and the Art Heart's Fashion Show, presented by the Aid's Healthcare Foundation. Both shows were amazing.

AMCONYC is a company striving to give up-and-coming designers a platform to showcase their wares. The show was located at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel. There was a pop-up shop before hand where the designers were out and greeting clients, so that everyone could get a good look at the clothes.

One thing I have to say though was that the organization was sub-par.. The doors to the show were supposed to open at 6 pm, but we ended up standing around waiting for almost an hour. Thankfully we finally found our seats and the show was great. I was so impressed by the variety of models that were used on the runway. It didn't seem to be just straight-size or plus-size models, but rather models across the spectrum. It was a great representation of how amazing diversity can look (hint, hint to the major designers).

The second show was equally if not more incredible. It was at Lincoln Center on the last day of fashion week, so things were winding down. All the designers did such an AMAZING job. The clothes were incredible. I have to say that the standout was Michael Costello. It wasn't just a fashion show; it was a performance piece. The first girl who took to the runway came out to eerie music, not walking but almost dancing. As she got to the end, she dropped her cape, to everyone's shock she was wearing naught but her birthday suit and an intricate paint job.

Overall the show definitely contained a lot more nudity than I was expecting (there was also a male model who wore a gold sock and not much else), but everyone loved it.

I'll see you next time fashion week.

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