I'm finally home from studying abroad, and all I can say was that it was magical. I'm going to try to get some more new content going on this page, but for now I'm going to share some pictures from my travels!

First up, beautiful Barcelona, Spain. I visited during the week of Toussaint, which is a week break over the week of Halloween!

In the photo above you see me in a garden near this incredible structure (seen below). If you don't recognize it, it's called the Sagrada Familia and it is pretty much the symbol of Barcelona. An enormous church designed by Gaudi, it's actually still under construction. It's a little expensive to visit inside, but please do yourself a favor and GO SEE IT. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life. I tried to take a proper photo of the interior, but my camera did not do it justice. Seriously.

My FAVORITE place in Barcelona was the Park Guell. It was designed by Gaudi (along with numerous other buildings in Barcelona), and it TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. I am all about a curated park, and the architecture and the view are stunning. Now, you can get a good look from the outside sections, but it recently became a paying park. In my humble opinion however, I think it's worth the seven euros.

The Gothic District was also incredible (the entire city was incredible). The narrow streets, the little shops, the gelato..... 

Lastly, go to the beach. I doubt that would take any convincing, but it was breath-taking. We got to see a local band play traditional music and watched everyone dance. It was a beautiful last moment.

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