Vogue Fashion Night Out

Last week was Vogue Fashion Night Out in Paris. I was so happy to be able to go this year, since it has been cancelled in New York. I had an amazing time out with some great ladies (with fantastic blogs of course), Chelsea of CLEO Collective and Larz of Livin Like Larz.

We wandered the streets without really coming up with a plan, which can be futile on these types of nights, but luckily for us we stumbled onto the Chanel party. It was beautiful. There was champagne, stylish people, and well most importantly, Chanel.

I also happened to spot Emmanuelle Alt and Saskia de Brauw. Casual day in Paris. Emmanuelle Alt is the Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue for those who don't know. Saskia de Brauw is a model. Together they make a fashion girl's dream come true.

Had such a fun night! Here's to many more in Paris.

Blazer: Jennyfer
Jumpsuit: Zoa
Sunglasses: H&M


Petits Bonheurs

Jacket: Camaieu, Dress: Vintage, Boots: Camaieu, Sunglasses:H&M

As I am sure you saw from my last post, I am currently in Paris! I am studying here for the next five months, and I am super excited for it. First of all I have to say, living in a foreign country where you do not perfectly speak the native language can be TOUGH sometimes. It's frustrating at times not to be understood and to feel lost and confused by the overwhelming new stimuli.

Sometimes, when things get a little difficult, it's nice to have a little pick-me-up. For me, that comfort zone/happy place is vintage shopping. I love the thrill of the find, and all the beautiful old clothes. I was able to find the white dress on the right for just 10 euro at this amazing shop called Free'P'Star. That's pretty darn incredible for anyone who has done any sort of shopping here. There are three of these shops located in the heart of Le Marais, which is adorable and artsy. There are plenty of other magasins d'occasions (thrift shops) in the area as well.

The dress on the left belongs to my roommate Chelsea, from the fantastic blog CLEO COLLECTIVE. I definitely lucked out finding her.

Occasionally all it takes when you're feeling overwhelmed by a new culture is just a little bit of home. Don't get me wrong, Paris is magnificent. I am even more in love than ever. Admittedly though, it's hard to leave my family and friends for a new place once again, even one as fantastic as Paris.

Thankfully for me, sometimes happiness is not as simple as finding a pretty white dress at a thrift shop. But thankfully for me, then again sometimes it is.


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