Oscars Opinions

The Oscars have come and gone, so the only thing left to do is analyze the outfits.

I loved Amy Adam's look last night. The whole ensemble was simple, clean and elegant. I loved the navy color and this dress fit like a glove. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was her overly contrived hair. Something about how they tried to add a weird wave to the front looks off to me.

Cate Blanchett looks like the beautiful elven queen that she will always be in my mind. This dress is so ethereal and light. Some might argue that it washes her out, but I think that she looks like a beautiful English rose.

Can she get anymore perfect? I can't say anything else. Lupita Nyong'o is by far my best dressed.

I'm going to be a little controversial here, but I really didn't like this dress very much. I think Charlize Theron is stunning, but this dress doesn't do justice to that. The bottom of the dress is interesting, but the top looks ill-fitted, especially with the almost invisible straps. 

I think Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing last night. She's the face of Dior for a reason.. Dior just works on her. The fit is flawless, and I loved the backwards necklace. The only thing I wish she did was fill in her eyebrows a little darker because she looks a little alien-like in some shots. I think that can be super cool for a runway show or editorial, but not so much for the Oscars.

Coolest transformation award goes to Margot Robbie. She went from blonde-bombshell to raven-haired goddess. I love the new look. The purple lipstick was stunning. The dress was pretty. From the front it was a little blasé, but the back was gorgeous.

Who were your favorites of the night? Least favorites?

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