Smile, because I'm back.

It's (31 days in to) a new year, so I decided it was time to get back to my blog. It's been quite the adventure living in New York City, and between class and all the components of the day-to-day grind, it's been hard to find time to keep up with this blog. Well, you know what? I'm going to MAKE time.

Fashion is still the love of my life, as it always has been, and it's time to celebrate that. I've come up with some pretty cool outfits (if I do say so myself) in the past ten months that I haven't been active here, but if I don't share it on the internet, it never happened right?

Jacket: Asos, Sweater: Zara, Pants: Forever21, Boots: JCPenney

I'm in love with the detailing on this sweater I got. I picked it up in the Zara winter clearance sale for $12 (!) and it's a beauty. I'm loving the leather shoulder details and moto-stitching.

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