Wicker Park

Yesterday took the L to Wicker Park to get some shopping in for our friend visiting from Poland. She is quite  the shopaholic and I found a hard time keeping up (which is saying something!). It was a fun afternoon and Wicker Park is definitely known for it's second hand shops.

Tank top, Sandals, Bustier: Forever21, Skirt: Thrifted,

Necklace: Charlotte Russe
 We also happened to be just in time for the open mike evening at the park. We got to sit and relax with some really cool music and a couple comedians. Afterwards, we walked back into town to get ice cream.

If you are ever in Wicker Park, I HIGHLY recommend getting iCream. It is one of the coolest things. You get to pick either ice cream or yogurt and then choose the flavorings and mix-ins that you want added. They mix it up right there, and it is unbelievably fresh and delicious. Not to mention that Nutella is a mix in option which makes it and automatic win in my book.


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