Best Dressed

jacket: I forget!

 So like I mentioned in my last post, my awesome class mates voted me best dressed. Today was the day we all had to wear the t-shirts they gave us. I figured I would dress it up a bit to live up to my title. My art teacher told me I should have just worn sweats to throw people off, which would have been hilarious! But anyways, I also got nominated for two other awards which is so weird for me! I honestly didn't know people knew who I was...
pants: Forever21
 Still can't believe senior year is wrapping up! I know I've been saying this everyday for about a week now but I can't help it!

Sunglasses: Old Navy

Shoes: BCBG

Bracelet: Forever21, Ring: Charlotte Russe
And to top it off you all get to see my cute scar from basketball. Ladies, please cut your nails if you're going to play a sport. (End of Public Service Announcement).


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  1. I love those pants! (Forever 21?! That makes them even more amazing)
    Congrats, best dressed lady! :)


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