Sorry I have been MIA this past weekend, but that's because it was prom! I had a blast dancing the night away with my friends. Here are some pictures to tide everyone over until I can get back to my regular outfit posts.

My date and I
I'm wearing flats in the last picture but for the rest of them I had on really awesome shoes, I swear!


Off to Hogwarts

It's so difficult to dress for school nowadays. It feels like summer outside but they like to keep our school at arctic temperatures. Layering is the only feasible option and this romper is perfect for that.
Duster: Forever21, Romper: I Heart Ronson, Belt: Abercrombie
 Someone told me that I look like Hermione Granger today. I totally accept that comparison. Although an even better one was when they said I would be the daughter of Hermione and Ron. Too great.

Boots: Forever21


Best Dressed

jacket: I forget!

 So like I mentioned in my last post, my awesome class mates voted me best dressed. Today was the day we all had to wear the t-shirts they gave us. I figured I would dress it up a bit to live up to my title. My art teacher told me I should have just worn sweats to throw people off, which would have been hilarious! But anyways, I also got nominated for two other awards which is so weird for me! I honestly didn't know people knew who I was...
pants: Forever21
 Still can't believe senior year is wrapping up! I know I've been saying this everyday for about a week now but I can't help it!

Sunglasses: Old Navy

Shoes: BCBG

Bracelet: Forever21, Ring: Charlotte Russe
And to top it off you all get to see my cute scar from basketball. Ladies, please cut your nails if you're going to play a sport. (End of Public Service Announcement).



Senior Picnic

So it was our senior picnic yesterday and it's honestly hard to believe high school is almost over. The picnic was really fun. There was music, we ate, and hung out with our class. It's funny though how I've gone to school with these people for 4 years and I still don't know who some of them are.
Me being goofy.

Shirt and sandals: Forever21, Shorts: Thrifted

 Over all, it was a great day. After the picnic we had our award ceremony where we got our superlatives. Andddddddddd... I got best dressed! So that was a pretty cool moment for me. Anyways, have a great rest of the weekend. Summer is almost here!


Fast Forward

I can feel the school year slowly drawing too a close, and it has me day dreaming about this summer. I can't wait for bonfires and swimming. Tanning and concerts. This will be my last summer here in Chicago with all my friends before I make the big move to NYC.

It's our senior picnic tomorrow and even though I'm not friends with everyone in our grade, everyone who I met has shaped me in one way or another.
Dress: Macy's

 I'll miss the comforts of home but I can't wait to get to the big city. With that in mind however, I still have a few pit stops along the way.

Shoes: Forever21


Standing Tall

Although it is not always easy to see in my pictures, I stand an imposing 5'11". Don't get me wrong, I like being tall, but the combination of my love of heels and the average height of everyone else, does make for some strange looks. It actually is quite odd trying to do everyday tasks at school wearing heels. I actually have to squat a little bit to dry my hands under the hand dryer!
Shirt: Target, Jeans: American Eagle

 But like I said, a fashion girl must not be perturbed at these minor setbacks. A good pair of heels is always worth it.
Headband: DIY, Bracelet: Forever21

Shoes: Thrifted


I've Got Sunshine

Clearly my obsession with horizontal stripes has continued today. I was in a bit of a rush this morning, and after trying on and throwing half of my closet on the ground, I figured I should stick to basics. And what could be more basic than the Canadian tuxedo right?
 Some lovely denim-on-denim action right there.

Denim shirt: PacSun, T-Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Forever21
Sunglasses: Walgreen's

 I also watched Midnight in Paris yesterday and I have to say I'm obsessed! If you haven't seen it, it's full of 1920's inspiration. I was going for a little bit of a 20's makeup look even though it didn't really go with the outfit. This just means I need to get a flapper dress and try again.


The Pajama Games

Shirt: Thrifted, Necklace: PacSun, Watch: Target, Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: Shoe Carnival

The whole pajama trend is definitely working for me. There is nothing comfier than a silky button up.


The Secret Garden

This is my favorite dress in the entire world. I just happened upon it at a Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park. It just so happened to be Marc Jacobs. And my size. Ummm.. score!!

I love the colors. I love the bows. I love the circus reference.

Dress: Marc Jacobs


Concussion #2

So guys... I have a concussion from my soccer game today and I'm not supposed to be on the computer.. but shhh! Don't tell!
Shirt: Thrifted mens' shirt, Bracelt: Forever21, Corduroy leggings: Francesca's Boutique

Boots: TJ Maxx


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