Shopping Date

Today I went on a bit of a shopping spree with one of my good friends. We just went to the local mall and this is what I wore:
Vest and Shoes: Forever21, Shirt and Jeans: Thrifted

I found some really good deals at H&M, including these floral pants for $14. They had leather pants for $14 too, but they had already sold out of the black. There was a sheer floral button up at H&M that I liked too, but my thrifting ways even have me hesitating at $24. I made the right decision and passed on the shirt because on a hunch I stopped by Salvation Army and picked up two button ups that are perfect. Even better, together they cost less than $5.

Necklace: Forever21, Rings: H&M


  1. i've liked ur blog so much, i will follow, i found it so interesting! i've loved the flowered pants
    i invite you to see and follow mine

  2. great pants! they´re on my shopping list now ;)


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