Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I have been kept super busy with soccer. I went to a charity dance event yesterday and I wanted an up-do that would allow me to dance and not have to worry about it getting sweaty, but at the same time had a little personality.

 My inspiration for the day:

And what I did:

I first started by creating a braided headband using a fishtail braid. I started on one side of my head and separated the front section into two pieces and fishtail braided while adding more and more pieces. A good tutorial for a fish tail braid is here.

Afterwards, I braided the rest of my hair into a textured braid. I stole the inspiration from here.

I roughed everything up, hair sprayed, and voila! This is what I was left with. It lasted me all night, and the fishtail even made it until morning.

For those people who have been commenting on my hair color it is natural :)

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