Spring Fashion Trends

      With the Chicago weather being so unpredictable, it’s hard to tell quite when spring will begin. But in reality, spring is right around the corner. For this spring, the runways were filled with sporty separates that are both wearable and beautiful. Get in touch with your inner stylist and put together some looks with the top 10 trends of the season.  

1)      Peplums- This flattering style is characterized by a structured top that comes in and then flares out at the natural waist. It is commonly found on dresses, skirts, shirts, and just about anything else you can imagine. The addition of a peplum makes anything you’re wearing instantly more chic. 

2)      Strong brows- The feature of the moment is the eyebrow. Not only are celebrities and models who are naturally blessed with strong brows taking a moment in the spotlight, but designers are amping up the more sparse sets. While I am not suggesting dying them blue like one designer did, filling them in with just a little bit of pencil can make all the difference in framing your face. 

3)      Cropped pants- Audrey Hepburn inspired many designers to work this shape into their collections. A linen or a cotton pant that hits right above the ankle is the ideal style. Try either a classic black à la Audrey or pick a bright color for a modern twist.

4)      Neon- This range of colors may make onlookers shield their eyes, but it certainly grabs attention. This is an easily obtainable trend considering neon can be found almost anywhere. Look for a neon shift dress for a bold statement or choose a clutch for subtlety. 

5)      Sportswear- This season’s version of a sporty chic look is reminiscent of a weekend ski trip mixed with baseball. Sweatshirts had baseball tee-like color blocking, while pants were made of a fitted neoprene. Add a varsity jacket and a baseball cap and you’re set.

6)      Pastel- To balance the neon, many designers instead went for soft pastels. It seemed almost as if Easter had exploded everywhere (in a good way of course). These colors give off a girly vibe that translates into both day and nightwear. For double the sugar try pastel lace.

7)      Drop waist- This 1920s silhouette brings to mind images of flappers and in all honestly shapelessness. This trend is not always the most flattering on everyone, so those attempting should beware. However, for the courageous who have the audacity to give this one a shot will find an easy, relaxed look that takes chic to a whole new level.

8)      Anoraks- This is probably the most functional of all of the trends. Part utility jacket, part sleek coat the anorak is the perfect layering piece. Put it over anything in your closet from dresses to t-shirts, finish with a belt, and c’est fini. 

9)      Tangerine- Named the “Color of 2012”, tangerine is going to be everywhere. It can be flattering on anyone and it really makes a statement. Take it edgy or tone it down with neutrals, either way you’re on trend for 2012.

10)   Printed Pants- This Spring is all about making a statement and one of the best ways to do just that is to try out printed pants. A popular style is a generic pattern in any color combination imaginable. There is also the option of including digital prints, photographs blown up and put onto fabric, to stand out even more. Pair them with neutral separates or mix and match patterns for a different look.

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